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Troubleshooting Purchase Processing

Thorair will only charge customers once their order has been processed at checkout. Our platform operator is Shopify. We allow payments to be made via credit card, debit card, American Express and PayPal.

If you are having trouble processing a payment at checkout, or there is some issue preventing our website from properly placing your order, you may order through us direct (via invoice to be paid EFT or by bank card over the telephone). To do so, please contact our main phone line on 1300 263 551 within business hours.

My card declined even though it has sufficient funds

If your card has declined but you have sufficient funds, there could be an issue with the payment processor (Shopify Payments or PayPal), your bank or our system. Please contact us immediately so that we can resolve the issue for you. Avoid making multiple attempts to place an order as there is a chance your card may be charged twice.

Last updated: 2 February 2022

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