Replacement Warranty

Two-year replacement warranty

With full replacement warranty for the first year and replacement of parts for the second, we offer the most comprehensive warranty in the Australian restoration equipment industry.

Two-year replacement warranty:

  1. The two-year replacement warranty (the Warranty) applies to any Thorair:
    1. dehumidifier;
    2. air blower/mover; and
    3. air scrubber,

that is purchased from Thorair or All Imports (a Covered Product).

  1. The full replacement Warranty may only be claimed within 365 days and the part within 730 days of the purchase date of a Covered Product. To remove ambiguity, the purchase date is the invoice issue date and is not the invoice due date, date that payment is made or the date that the item is received.
  2. Only the party that the invoice is addressed to (an Authorised Claimant) may make a claim under this Warranty.
  3. An Authorised Claimant may make a claim pursuant to this Warranty on a Covered Product if the product is defective because of a manufacturer defect. A manufacturer defect is:
    1. any defect in the product that is the fault of the manufacturer, Thorair; and
    2. that would ordinarily be defined or interpreted under a statute (e.g. Australian Consumer Law) as a faulty product or a product that is not fit for its purpose.
  4. No party can make a claim pursuant to this Warranty if the defect in the Covered Product is its own fault, whether wholly or partially.
  5. This Warranty is voided:
    1. upon resale of the Covered Product;
    2. if the Covered Product is opened or tampered with in any manner that is not consistent with its use, including (but not limited to) unscrewing screws to inspect its contents;
    3. if the Covered Product was provided to the claimant at a discount greater than 22.5 percent; and
    4. if the customer has published an unfair review of Thorair or its associated ventures to any third party, whether online or not, where an unfair review is one that, in accordance with objectively reasonable standards, is not a fair and just reflection of Thorair’s dealings;
  6. This Warranty does not interfere with any warranty that exists pursuant to the general law, including warranties under the Australian Consumer Law, and a claimant’s inability to claim under this warranty does not necessarily implicate that the claimant cannot make a claim under the Australian Consumer Law. Thorair recommend that all its customers read and review the Australian Consumer Law to review statutory entitlements and rights.
  7. This Warranty is provided in good faith to its Authorised Claimants, and consequently, if there is any confusion, inconsistency or dispute concerning a clause contained herein, such clause shall be read down in favour of Thorair.
  8. Thorair will replace a Covered Product that has a manufacturer defect if an Authorised Claimant makes a claim within the allotted time period.
  9. For Covered Products that were issued over 200 days ago, the Authorised Claimant shall pay for freight to have that Covered Product returned to Thorair.
  10. Once a Covered Product is returned to Thorair, Thorair shall distribute, at their own freight cost, a brand-new product of the exact same specification to the Authorised Claimant.
  11. If Thorair does not have the exact same product in stock, and an Authorised Claimant makes a claim under this Warranty within 365 days, Thorair, at its own elective, may chose to:
    1. repair the product itself, but pay for shipping irrespective of time elapsed;
    2. refund the customer; or
    3. make an agreement with the customer to perform some other task in the customer’s favour.
  12. This is a warranty. Thorair is interchangeable with All Imports Pty Ltd.
  13. To make a claim, strictly following all above provisions, an Authorised Claimant must notify Thorair of the grounds of its claim via email. The Authorised Claimant bears the onus of proof/evidence.

Last updated: 2 February 2022

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