Thorair’s Statement

Our mission at Thorair is to provide industry leading quality restoration equipment. Our vision is to see a reduction in extensive water damage and further mould affected properties that is preventable if acted on quickly; our equipment ensures that industry professionals are equipped with the means to save these properties and avoid preventable complications that shatter Australian lives and homes.

Our Promise To You

Thorair is one of Australia’s largest water damage restoration equipment providers and the only manufacturer retailing complete ASA and SAA approved equipment in the nation.In proof of our top-quality, Thorair is proudly the only Australian company to offer full first year replacement warranty on our equipment with extended second year replacement warranty on parts. Thorair will replace any defective equipment free of charge for the first year after purchase with extended protection for parts in during the second year.

Cosa dicono i clienti

The Only Company in Australia with Complete SAA and ASA Certification Take on jobs with our electrcially certified equipment Thorair equipment is ASA and SAA certified in accordance with Australian electrical requirements. You can be confident knowing that your equipment is safe to use and acceptable under various insurer's policies.
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